The Otemachi Building

The Otemachi Building is a mass of concrete, nine stories tall, in Tokyo’s financial district.  It is (or was) the location of the headquarters of my company.

The Otemachi Building is scheduled for demolition next year.  Today is the last time I am going to be in this building.  I’ve spent at least 100 days working in this building.

Tearing this thing down is not going to be easy.  Usually a building can be brought down with a massive demolition.  But the Otemachi Building sits on top of 5 Tokyo Metro lines.  This building has to be de-constructed, piece by piece, in order not to disturb the Metro lines underneath.

The Otemachi Building is “famous” for a couple of things.  One is that it was supposedly shown in one of the Godzilla movies (although I can’t find mention of that anyplace).  The other is that it has the longest hallways in Japan.  The hallways in this building are (literally) 2 blocks long.  The restrooms are located at the midpoint of each hallway, so it is best not to wait until the last minute, if you know what I mean.

File Sep 02, 9 30 27 AM

Sayonara, Otemachi Building!


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