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  • The Otemachi Building

    The Otemachi Building is a mass of concrete, nine stories tall, in Tokyo’s financial district.  It is (or was) the location of the headquarters of my company. The Otemachi Building is scheduled for demolition next year.  Today is the last time I am going to be in this building.  I’ve spent at least 100 days […]

  • The Chore Store

    I was on a tour recently in Japan, and the tour guide noted that there are three main convenience store chains in Japan.  They are 7-Eleven, Family Mart and Lawson.   The tour guide noted that each of the chains has over 10,000 locations in Japan. He went on to explain that convenience stores in Japan […]

  • My Musical Toilet

    I have written in the past about using a heated toilet.  And a shower toilet. My derrière has been heated and cleaned by my toilets.  I thought my life was complete. Until now. Now my toilet plays music. Look at the photo below. I didn’t know that my derrière needed entertainment, but I didn’t think […]

  • Jet Lag

    At the beginning of the movie “Lost In Translation”, there is a scene with Bill Murray sitting on the edge of his bed, in the middle of the night.  He is in his bathrobe, wearing hotel slippers.  You can see Tokyo in the background. The movie scene represents jet lag. —– Right now I am […]

  • Now I Have A Shower Toilet

    Once again I am in the land of The Pink Toilet.  This time, I have a Shower Toilet. Not just any shower toilet- this is a complicated one. —– I don’t have a problem reading and understanding instructions.   I can follow the instructions for the remote control:    I can follow the instructions for […]

  • My Pink Toilet

    I’m staying at a hotel 7000 miles from home.  My hotel room has a toilet (that’s good).  The toilet has a seat warmer (in theory, not so bad).  The seat warmer is set to “cook Hal’s derrière” (that’s bad). And I can’t figure out how to turn off the derrière cooker. So I decided to […]