Moving Parts

I have observed  a lot of transitions recently.   They include:

1) My wife may have a boyfriend.  Judge for yourself.  This is an actual photo of her on vacation three weeks ago, holding hands with a man half my age.  I think I have been replaced.


(Actually he was a very helpful tour guide.  I’ve been looking for an excuse to use the photo. ).  🙂

2) My younger daughter graduated from middle school, and is about to start high school.

3) She finished her club volleyball season and just had tryouts for high school volleyball.

4) My older daughter spent the summer working in Manhattan (her first extended stay away from home), and received an internship offer for next summer already.  A full-time offer is likely if she does well next summer.  And she just started her junior year in college.

5) One of our neighbors moved away, due to a work relocation.

6) The fellow who sat next to me at work moved back to Japan.  Two more colleagues just resigned. One left already.

7) Our water heater broke, and we had to repair a lot of damage in the basement. We are also installing a generator.

8) My favorite band retired.

9) We did a lot of travel in the last six weeks.   I’ve been to Japan, New Orleans, Chicago, Japan #2 and Turks and Caicos.  All good stuff, but a lot of travel.

10) I just started an exercise class.

11) And on a somber note, a couple of good friends are battling serious illnesses.


That is a lot of moving parts at the same time.



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