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  • Best Friends

    Last night I was talking to someone about Theresa, and I said “I married my best friend”.  The person I was talking to noted that she had never heard anyone say that before. *****About a week ago, I learned that someone I know in my profession lost her husband.  This woman and her husband had […]

  • In Memory of Dean

    I first met Dean in 1976. We both attended Northeast High School in Philadelphia. He was 17 and I was 15. We were both members of a high school fraternity (it’s a complicated story). Dean had an immeasurable impact on me at that time. We were opposites in so many ways. He was fearless, confident, […]

  • Back to Reality

    Back in the day when I attended a lot of concerts, there was a concert t-shirt that I liked. There was a graphic on the front with two Dancing Bears with their backs facing the viewer. The bears were looking at a concert arena in the distance. There were fireworks in the air, and confetti […]

  • Dr. Joe

    I knew a man named Joe. A very kind, mild-mannered gentleman who lived in my community.  We had a lot in common.  As I write this (September 2019), we were both 57 years old, married, each of us had two daughters.  We both worked for pharmaceutical companies. I should mention that Joe was brilliant. He had a Ph.D. in biochemical […]

  • When Radio Was King

    I grew up listening to radio in the 1960s and 1970s. When my parents were in the car, they sometimes listened to WIBG or WFIL. I remember listening to the Beatles for the first time while driving around in the car with my parents. Radio stations and disc jockeys were very popular back then. One […]

  • My Mothers Day Card

    In 2004, I was on a business trip in London. In the middle of my trip, I received a note: “CALL HOME-URGENT”.  I called Theresa, and she told me the bad news. My mother had had a stroke, and I needed to get onto the next plane home. The next plane home wasn’t until the […]

  • My Great Depression Story

    I know a couple who lived through the Great Depression. One of them did not have a winter coat as a child, and was unable to go outside for recess at school during the winter. They still save and re-use things like aluminum foil, and they don’t waste a bit of food. Everything is eaten, […]

  • Heather is in Time Magazine!!

    Heather is featured in the April 29, 2017 edition of Time Magazine!  It is the edition with Sheryl Sandberg on the cover.   The article is about first-time candidates for public office.  Heather is running for school board in our school district. Turn to page 29 (the center of the magazine), and Heather’s photograph is […]

  • A Letter From The Past

    My daughter is studying abroad in Italy this semester.  Prior to her departure, she prepared letters to her sister, her mother and I, as a “care package” while she is away.  Each letter that she prepared is dated, to be opened on a certain date. Last night I opened the letter that she prepared for […]

  • The Watering Hole

    The Watering Hole When I was young, I used to watch wildlife shows on TV.  I remember watching  “Wild Kingdom” (with Marlon Perkins).  For a little kid from Northeast Philadelphia, watching wildlife on TV was as close to the real thing as I could get. Marlon Perkins would narrate each episode, and his younger sidekick […]