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  • Letter Openers is Now Available!!

  • Art for Art’s Sake

    I am releasing my second book this week. The title is “Letter Openers: More Essays about Life and Love”. (My first book, released in 2017, was “Can Openers: Essays About Life and Love”). I should share a few thoughts with you about what it is like to release a book. The first thing I should…

  • Book Two Cover!!!

    The working cover of my next book!

  • My First Book Donation

    When I announced the publication of my book (Can Openers:Essays About Life and Love), I promised that I would donate all of the proceeds to Philadelphia area charities. I made my first donation to TE Care, a Chester County non-profit that Theresa and I work with.  Details about them can be found at I…

  • My First Book Event!

    Join me at Plays and Players Theater on Thursday July 27 at 5:30.  Tickets are available at the EventBrite link below.  All proceeds go to Broad Street Ministry.  I hope to see you there!  

  • Can Openers is Now Available!!

    My first book, “Can Openers”, is now available on!   I am donating all of my proceeds to Philadelphia-area charities.   Please share this with your friends and family.   The more this book sells, the more I donate! Hal  

  • Coming Soon: Can Openers!

    Dear Friends and Family, Attached is the final cover proof for my book, “Can Openers”.  I expect that it will be available on sometime in the next 6-8 weeks. I plan to donate all proceeds (after taxes) to Philadelphia-area charities.  And I mean ALL of the proceeds. Hal

  • How Not To Write A Book

    Years ago, one of my colleagues introduced me to the idea of a Bucket List. She called it a Life List. Her advice to me was that if I wrote down all of my hopes and dreams for my life, I would be more likely to accomplish them. She was right. I made a life…

  • The Comments Section

    Have you ever taken the time to read an article online, and then read the comments section?  Have you ever been bothered with the nature of online comments? The Guardian newspaper in England published an article about their results with the comments section attached to their online articles. There have been 70 million comments attached…

  • The Snowpocalypse

    We are expecting some snow tomorrow night.  It is supposed to last about 24 hours, and may bring up to 18 inches of accumulation. Let the hype begin. One sign of a big storm is that the media gives it a nickname.  Past nicknames have included “Snowmageddon”, “Snowpocalypse”, and of course, “The Storm of the…