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  • 483-4422

    Everything in the following story is completely true. Except for the parts that I made up. —– My friend Rich was in law school in 1985.  He won a mock jury competition in law school, and a party was in order.  His plan was to invite everyone who participated in the mock jury to the […]

  • TCA 14 Black

    TCA 14 Black played in the Regional Qualifying tournament yesterday at Spooky Nook, in Mannheim, Pa. My daughter, Dylan, is on the team. For the non-volleyballers out there, the qualifying process is:  the girls have two chances to qualify during the spring.    Last weekend they attended one qualifying tournament in Maryland, and did not […]

  • A Letter to Heather, on her Spring Break Service Trip

    What follows is a letter to Heather, from me, on her Spring Break Service Trip.  She is currently in Mississippi, with Villanova University.  They are working with Habitat for Humanity to provide affordable housing to those in need. She is currently out of touch (no cell phones, no e-mail) as part of the Service Trip […]

  • A Letter to Heather, from Darwin

    A Letter to Heather, from Darwin, on your Spring Break Service Trip: Dear Heather, I’m sure that you’re surprised to receive a letter from me!  First of all, you’re probably wondering- how did I do this?  Well, first I had to hack the password on the computer.  Easy Peasy….your father picks the easiest passwords.  By […]

  • Darwin


    “Shaggy”, the animal rescue people called him.  He didn’t have a name.  That is what the animal shelter called him while they were taking care of him. He also didn’t have a collar, or tags, or a history.  He was a little homeless dog, found wandering the streets in Northeast Philadelphia. Sometime in May 2013, […]

  • Jester

    My future in-laws had a dog named Heidi in the 1970s.  From what I’ve heard, Heidi was a great dog.  She was a beautiful German Shepherd.  Smart, loyal, and well-behaved.  She had diabetes, and required insulin injections every day.  My in-laws took care of her faithfully, and she took care of them. Heidi had a […]

  • When I Was Your Age

    When I Was Your Age My grandmother Nettie was born in 1906.  She used to look at the sky sometimes, and was amazed at the number of airplanes flying overhead.  When she was born, cars and planes were not commonplace.  The Wright brothers first flight was in 1903, and Henry Ford’s Model T didn’t start […]