A Letter to Heather, from Darwin

A Letter to Heather, from Darwin, on your Spring Break Service Trip:

Dear Heather,

I’m sure that you’re surprised to receive a letter from me!  First of all, you’re probably wondering- how did I do this?  Well, first I had to hack the password on the computer.  Easy Peasy….your father picks the easiest passwords.  By the way, once I hacked that password, I also hacked the Amazon password.  You should have seen the expression on your fathers face when 100 cases of dog food arrived yesterday!!

I want to include some photos, so you don’t forget me.  Here is one:


When I hacked the Amazon account, I also purchased a selfie stick.  (I know how much you like those!)


I miss you.  A lot.  I miss sleeping with you, I miss napping with you, I miss sleeping with you (did I say that already?!)  Here is a photo of me napping without you, which is just plain wrong on so many levels.

darwin sleeping


Do you remember the day that we met?  Everyone was really nervous, because I have trust issues.  I’m a rescue, you know.  Your father was nervous that I would bark at you.

But the first time I met you, I trusted you.  You know why?  I could just tell.  I could smell it.  You are trustworthy.  I can sleep on your lap, and I know that I am totally safe.

I bet your classmates and your professors can tell the same thing. They can trust you, with everything.  Because you are worthy of that trust.


By the way, it is freezing in Pennsylvania.  It is ridiculous that you are sunning yourself in Mississippi, and I am freezing in Pennsylvania.  Here is a photo of what I have to do in order to stay warm:



Your father told me that you are going to be gone a week.  I can’t take it.  I had to cover my ears when I heard the news:

covering ears


I cannot wait to see you.  I spend all day wondering if today is the day you will come home.  I keep staring out the door, and wondering.

waiting at door

You are the only one who runs up the driveway with me when we go out for a walk.  It makes me feel like such a puppy.  You make me happy.


Well, it’s time for me to go.  It is exhausting typing with these little puppy paws.  I know you guys at Villanova like to do that “Vs Up!” thing.  So I want to add something for you:


paws up



P.S. I hacked the Villanova Basketball website.  I changed the little guys last name to “Arcidi-SCHNOODLE-acono”.  No one will ever know!!  I’m hilarious!!

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