The Hillbilly King Gets COVID

On October 2, the White House announced that donald trump tested positive for COVID-19. In case you don’t remember who trump is, he is the fellow who lost the popular vote in the last presidential election:

Last week there was a gathering in the Rose Garden for a Supreme Court nominee. The gathering looked like this, according to Politico:

There was no social distancing, and very few masks. All of this happened during the COVID pandemic. Not so surprising, there are now several people (one Hillbilly King, three Senators, a college president, and 23 members of the White House staff) who have tested positive for COVID. This event has turned into a superspreader event.It is ironic that the people who most actively denied and minimized the existence of COVID are now the ones who are infected with it.

This Hillbilly King has been denying the severity of the COVID pandemic for 7 months. He called it a hoax, he said it would go away, he made fun of people wearing masks. It was only when he became infected with COVID that he took it seriously. He was the first one to call for a helicopter to take him to the hospital.

While he was denying and minimizing this virus, 214,000 Americans died, and 7.6 million became infected. That is his responsibility.

Take a look at the following chart (from Statistica).

The top 13 U.S. states for per capita COVID infection rates all voted for trump in the last election. Do you think there is a coincidence between a leader who says that a pandemic is no big deal, and his followers thinking that it is no big deal, and his followers having the highest infection rates? Those infection rates are his responsibility.

I reject everything that this man stands for.
I reject his lies.
I reject his racism.
I reject his behavior.
I reject everything about him.

He is not my President.
He is only a Hillbilly King.


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