Sam Bradford’s Knees

In March, the Philadelphia Eagles traded their first round draft pick, and their starting quarterback (Nick Foles), for Sam Bradford and the St. Louis Rams first round draft pick.

The following are facts about Sam Bradford and Nick Foles:

1) Sam Bradford hasn’t played during the regular season since mid-2013.  Since then, he has had two season-ending ACL injuries.  One was in the middle of the 2013 season, and the other was during the 2014 pre-season.

2) When Sam Bradford played, his performance wasn’t very good.  His QBR rating (one method of rating QB performance) was 25th highest in the NFL in 2010, 30th in 2011, and 17th highest in 2012. Is it fair to call that below average?

3) In regular season games, Sam Bradford has thrown 38 interceptions, fumbled the ball 27 times (lost 11 of them), and been sacked 120 times.  In 49 football games, Sam Bradford either gave the ball up to the other team, or went backwards, 185 times.

For this football excellence, the Philadelphia Eagles traded away Nick Foles.  Now I’m not a huge Nick Foles supporter.  But Nick Foles QBR rating during his seasons of play were 14th highest in 2013 and 20th highest in 2014.  I would call that average.

Nick Foles will be paid $660,000 this year, Sam Bradford will be paid $13 million.


So let me get this straight.  For Sam Bradford, the Philadelphia Eagles traded away Nick Foles, plus a higher draft pick. They will pay Sam Bradford almost 20x more than Nick Foles, and Sam Bradford hasn’t played a meaningful football game in almost two years.

We traded up for Bradford, we are paying 20 times more for him, he hasn’t played in two years because his ACL keeps tearing,  and he wasn’t very good before his ACL injuries.

What am I missing?


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