Top 10 Things I Have In Common With Darwin

In honor of David Letterman’s retirement next week, attached is a Top 10 List-

The Top 10 Things I Have In Common With Darwin:

  1. We are both grey
  2. We both come from the mean streets of Northeast Philadelphia
  3. We are both crazy about Theresa, Heather and Dylan
  4. We both snore
  5. We both make funny faces if you put peanut butter on the roofs of our mouths
  6. We both think we may be done making little Schnoodles
  7. Neither one of us is afraid of the neighborhood fox
  8. Neither one of us can see without glasses
  9. Our eyebrows get crazy if you don’t groom us at least once a month
  10. Both of us get in trouble when we pee on the next door neighbor’s mailbox


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