I Have A Troll

I’ve been writing this blog for about 4 months now.  I’ve written about 40 essays, in preparation for writing a book.  I’ve received a lot of great feedback, thousands of page views, and I’ve had a blast doing it.

I think I have achieved a new level of success.  I now have an Internet Troll.

For those of you who don’t know, internet trolls are people who hate.  They don’t contribute anything.  They react to what others have done, and they always react negatively.

They are haters.

I don’t know this insect.  For whatever reason, he continues to read my blog.  I understand that.  Some of what I’ve written is good.  Some of it stinks.

All of it is better than anything he’s done.

He has nothing nice to say.  So I’ve cut him off.  You won’t see what he has to say, and neither will I.


I shared with all of you when I started this blog that I would leave the comments section open, as long as the feedback was civil.  It’s not civil anymore, so I closed the comment section.  Thank the troll for that.

The rest of you still know how to reach me.  You can find me at the coffee machine at work, by email, telephone or Facebook.  The only one who doesn’t get to reach me anymore is the troll.


So troll, if you’re reading this far, stop playing your X-box for a minute.  I have a message for you.

I won’t dignify you by name.    You chose to be a troll, so I will call you troll.

As I’m rolling up my driveway tonight, past this….

File May 12, 7 34 28 AM

Looking at this,

File May 12, 7 35 41 AM

And I sit down on my back patio looking at this…

File May 12, 7 36 56 AM

Know that I can’t hear you anymore.



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