Paul McCartney, Tokyo Dome, April 23, 2015

I attended the Paul McCartney show tonight at the Tokyo Dome.  A great evening of songs by McCartney, and hosting by the city of Tokyo.

This was a bucket list item for me- I’ve always wanted to see a concert outside of the U.S.
A few photos, and a setlist below:

This is the setlist from Osaka two nights ago (thanks to for this) The show tonight was similar, and I will post it when I return home.

25 Beatles songs, 39 songs total, three solid hours of fun…..


  1. (The Beatles song)
  2. (The Beatles song) (First time played live since 2009)
  3. Jet 
    (Wings song)
  4. (Wings song) (with “Foxy Lady” by Jimi Hendrix snippet)
  5. (The Beatles song)
  6. (Wings song)
  7. (The Beatles song)
  8. (The Beatles song)
  9. (The Beatles song)
  10. (live premiere)
  11. (The Beatles song)
  12. (The Beatles song)
  13. New 
  14. (The Beatles song)
  15. (The Beatles song)
  16. (The Beatles song)
  17. (The Beatles song)
  18. (The Beatles song)
  19. (The Beatles song)
  20. (The Beatles song)
  21. (Wings song)
  22. (The Beatles song)
  23. (The Beatles song)
  24. (Wings song)
  25. (The Beatles song)
  26. Encore:
  27. (The Beatles song)
  28. (Wings song)
  29. (The Beatles song)
  30. Encore 2:
  31. (The Beatles song)
  32. (The Beatles song)
  33. (The Beatles song)
  34. (The Beatles song)
  35. (The Beatles song)

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