Is this thing on?

Where do I start?  How about with my life list.

Several years ago, a colleague suggested that I create a life list (now known as a “bucket list”, thanks to a movie of the same name).  My colleague suggested that if I created a life list, I would put goals onto paper, and make them real.  And by writing those goals, I would increase the chances that I would accomplish them.

She was right.

As part of a later post, I will share my life list.  But for the purposes of this blog, I will share with you that “Write A Book” is on my life list.  And this is a step in that direction.

I am going to write here.  I don’t care if anyone reads it.  This is for practice, and for fun.  I’m going to write every week (every day is probably over-ambitious)-  but I am going to write.

And someday, I am going to write a book.  Probably a book of letters and essays.   And what follows will be some of those letters and essays.



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  1. Hal,
    My daughter and I have exchanged e-mail for almost a decade. While our goals do not match, a common seeking for something more do. What name for God?

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