When I was in school, I remember learning about Weather.  We did experiments on condensation, precipitation, and evaporation.  None of it made an impact.

Today, I am looking out my window, and the snow is starting.  This is supposed to be a big one.  Some forecasters are even capitalizing it:  a Big One.

There are certain principles of science that I don’t understand, at all.  For example-  how do the skies hold enough material to create this weather?  In other words-  the Northeast part of the U.S. is going to be covered in thousands of tons of snow today.  How does the sky hold thousands of tons of anything?  If the skies held thousands of tons of confetti, we would be shocked by the confetti storm.  We would appoint Congressional Committees to look into the matter.

But our skies do hold thousands of tons of material- and we are about to experience it today.

Someone once said “everyone complains about the weather-but no one does anything about it”.   I like that.


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