Back to Reality

Back in the day when I attended a lot of concerts, there was a concert t-shirt that I liked. There was a graphic on the front with two Dancing Bears with their backs facing the viewer. The bears were looking at a concert arena in the distance. There were fireworks in the air, and confetti all around. The bears were holding each other. At the bottom of the shirt, there was text that said “Back to Reality”.

This weekend my wife and I drive to New Hampshire for a reunion with our daughters. One daughter works in New Hampshire, and the other one flew in from St. Louis. We had not been together in about 8 weeks. We have never been apart for that long before. There is a lyric in Jackson Browne’s song “The Load Out” that goes “the only time that seems too short is the time that we get to play”. I agree. This weekend flew by. —–

My younger daughter has been going to a dinner on Friday nights the last few weeks on her campus. I was surprised that she was doing this on Friday nights, so I asked why. She explained that the food was very good. Then she added that it is the only meal that she eats during the week where everyone puts their telephone away, and talks to each other. I put my phone away this weekend, and we talked to each other.

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