The Mazel Tov Guy

I wish my friends “Mazel Tov” a lot.
“Mazel Tov” is a Yiddish phrase, derived from the Hebrew words mazel (fortune) and tov (good). The expression means “good luck”. It also means congratulations.
Think about that for a second. The expression actually means two things. It means congratulations for what has already happened, and good luck for what is yet to come. I like the sentiment of that. Saying “mazel tov” to someone is like a double blessing.
Most of my friends are not Jewish, but they don’t mind when I sprinkle a little bit of Yiddish in our conversation. One of my friends recently called me “the Mazel Tov” guy.
You can do a lot worse in life than being known as the Mazel Tov guy.

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