Leave A Puddle On The Floor

My Saturday and Sunday workout looks like this:

I start with a 60 minute spin class. I cover at least 20 miles in class. I don’t leave class until there is a puddle of sweat on the floor. Depending on when I start warming up for class, I might cover 25 miles. And the bike resistance has to be on at least 13, doing 75 revolutions per minute, or none of this counts.

This is a photo of a recent workout, where I completed 25 miles in just under an hour, at 94 rpms with the resistance set to 13. I think I was mad at someone that day.

File May 03, 6 48 46 AM

Then I go upstairs and lift weights. At least thirty tons (60,000 pounds). (A couple of years ago, my daughters took a photo of me on the beach. I did not like how I looked. At all.  It was time to firm up).

Weights go like this:
Leg presses: 200 pounds x 120 reps= 24,000 pounds
Abdominal isolator: 150 pounds x 120 reps=18,000 pounds
Arms and upper body:
pull-down 60 reps x 70 pounds=4200 pounds
“fly” machine 100 pounds x 40 reps=4000 pounds
vertical row 40 reps x 100 pounds=4000 pounds
bench press 40 reps x 100 pounds= 4000 pounds
biceps 40 reps x 50 pounds=2000 pounds
and triceps 40 reps x 50 pounds=2000 pounds

24,000 pounds + 18,000 pounds + 20,200 pounds=62,200 pounds, or 31 tons.

Not bad for a guy with two stents.

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