My daughters tell me that I have a language of my own. I did not believe them, so they compiled a list of some of the things that I say. They call these phrases “Dad-speak”. I have provided some definitions for my Dad-speak:

“Ressies”:  This is short for “restaurant reservation”, as in “should I make ressies for Friday night?
“Appies”:  This is short for “appetizers”, as in “should we order a couple of appies?”
“Crossie”:  This is short for “crossword puzzle”, as in “would you like to do a crossie with me?”
“Nanners”: Bananas
“Sangweech”: This is a sandwich, made with a slice of pizza, folded in half,  plus whatever else is in the refrigerator, preferable pasta, stuffed inside. Because pizza doesn’t have enough calories and carbs all by itself.
“Over/under”: This is what I ask when I wonder how much of something will occur. For example, “over/under on how many gallons of gas I need to fill my tank”, or “over/under on the cost of this repair bill”. I set the line, and my family picks over or under.
“It’s good to have the band back together”: What I say at family dinners. I think we should do a reunion tour.
“Thanks for coming out to play”: What I say to friends and family when we socialize.
“BGDD”: Big Guy Daddy Dude. How I used to sign letters to my daughters. Up until…..ok, it is still how I sign letters to my daughters.
“WCME”: Worst Campaign Manager Ever. That’s me.
“Iggles”: My favorite football team, the Philadelphia Eagles.
“Ac-uh-me”: Where we shop for groceries, the Acme.
“Inkwire”: The newspaper where we find our crossword puzzles, the Philadelphia Inquirer.
“Dingleberry duty”: This involves cleaning Darwin, our dog. I’m not providing any more details, it’s gross.

File Apr 24, 9 15 49 AM
For my friends and family, maybe we can get the band back together. I’ll make ressies, we can start with appies. I will thank you for coming out to play. When I get home I’ll do a crossie with my sweetie.

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