How Not To Write A Book

Years ago, one of my colleagues introduced me to the idea of a Bucket List. She called it a Life List. Her advice to me was that if I wrote down all of my hopes and dreams for my life, I would be more likely to accomplish them.

She was right. I made a life list, and as a result, I’ve accomplished a lot of things on that list. I’ve been outside of the U.S. 100 times. I’ve been to 36 countries. I watched my daughters’ births, I’ve participated in several surgeries (don’t ask), I earned a doctorate while I was working full-time, I’ve donated 9 gallons of blood.  I’ve travelled on a submarine, a hot air balloon, a helicopter, and an elephant…… But for several years, I have had “write a book” on my life list. So I think it’s time.

The first step in writing a book was to create this blog. That was a helpful start, because it let me practice writing, and share some of my writing with you. But that isn’t the same as writing a book.
I have no idea how to write a book. That’s ok, because I am willing to make mistakes. I had no idea how to travel overseas, or how to earn a doctorate, and I figured that out.

A few months ago, I started searching on how to publish a book. To make a long story short, I have a meeting with a publishing consultant on January 25.

I think I may be writing a book!
I have been compiling my essays into chapters, and doing some light editing. The next step will be to work with a consultant, who will do some heavy editing, along with artistic work (outside and inside cover, format, font, spacing, etc.). In addition, my book will be copyrighted, it will receive some light marketing help, and I need a place to sell it (likely Amazon).

I will keep you posted on my progress.


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