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  • COVID: The Leading Cause of Death in the U.S.

    According to CBS News (and several other outlets), COVID-19 was the leading cause of death in the United States this week: Yesterday there were over 200,000 new cases diagnosed in the United States, and almost 3,000 new deaths (from For perspective, there were more cases diagnosed in the U.S. yesterday than have occurred […]


  • COVID-19: Will 1 Million Americans Die?

    Today is November 28, 2020. It is two days after Thanksgiving. This was a Thanksgiving unlike any other. My friends and family generally stayed home this weekend, because of the pandemic. We are now averaging at least 150,000 new cases a day, and at least 1,000 deaths a day due to COVID-19. About one week […]

  • The Marshmallow Test

    The Stanford Marshmallow Test was “a study on delayed gratification…in the study, a child was offered a small immediate reward (1 marshmallow) or two small rewards (2 marshmallows) if they waited 15 minutes” (Wikipedia). Children who were able to delay gratification were found to later have better educational outcomes and SAT scores (Wikipedia). We are […]

  • I Renounce Donald Trump, & His Supporters

    The 2020 Presidential Election is on Tuesday November 3rd. I know that there are some Americans who are saying “I can’t wait until it is over, so we can stop with all of the political stuff”. This time, there won’t be a stop to the political stuff. Donald Trump opened a can of worms (several […]

  • Another Doubling, No One Cares

    Today is October 12, 2020. We approach 220,000 COVID-19 fatalities in the United States, and today or tomorrow we will pass 8 million infections. Yet no one cares. At least I think no one cares. The presidential election is next month. We will see how many people care.

  • The Hillbilly King Gets COVID

    On October 2, the White House announced that donald trump tested positive for COVID-19. In case you don’t remember who trump is, he is the fellow who lost the popular vote in the last presidential election: Last week there was a gathering in the Rose Garden for a Supreme Court nominee. The gathering looked like […]

  • In Memory of Dean

    I first met Dean in 1976. We both attended Northeast High School in Philadelphia. He was 17 and I was 15. We were both members of a high school fraternity (it’s a complicated story). Dean had an immeasurable impact on me at that time. We were opposites in so many ways. He was fearless, confident, […]

  • COVID-19: We Stopped Caring

    Today is August 11, 2020. It’s been a while since I’ve written on this site. As I write this, 5.2 million Americans have contracted COVID-19, and 166,201 Americans have died. I have been keeping a “doubling” chart, that looks like this: When viruses spread, they tend to “double” over time. This virus continues to spread, […]

  • COVID-19: In Memoriam

    Last week, the largest employer in my county announced that they are not bringing employees back into the office anytime before 2021. This is an employer who employs 7,000 people in our county (about 10% of the county population). This company, an asset manager, manages over $5.5 trillion in assets. That is trillion with a […]