Please Remind Me

I have a chore that I am supposed to do once a month in the utility room of my house. It takes about one minute to do this chore. I need to look at something. That is all the chore involves. But I only do this chore about four times a year, because I forget to do it. The only time I think about doing this chore is when I am in this utility room, which isn’t very often.

I need to have my car inspected once a year. I have no idea when that it. There is a sticker on my car that tells me when it is due, and once in a while I look at the sticker. Theresa remembers when all of the cars are due for inspection, and she reminds me.

I have several chores like this. They are mundane things that I only remember when I am in the situation or place specific to that chore. I call this Situational Memory. There is probably a better name for it, but that is my name for now. I leave Post It Notes all over my house, car and work, so that I can write down stuff like this whenever I remember it. Luckily I remember to replenish my Post It Note supply from time to time. Hal


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