Father Less

It has been a while since I have published on this blog. There are a few reasons for that:

1) I have been writing for another blog site
2) I am finishing my second book (working title “Letter Openers: More Essays About Life and Love”)
3) My home life has been pretty busy
I would like to share a few thoughts about the third topic.
Theresa and I became parents in 1995. We became parents again in 2001. Since 1995, we have all lived together in Chester County, PA.
About six weeks ago, our oldest daughter moved to New Hampshire for work (she is working on a presidential campaign). This Thursday, Theresa and I are helping our youngest daughter move to St. Louis for school.
That means that for the first time since 1995, we will not be living with our children.
Our daughters are doing great things. One is working at her dream job, and is doing important work. The other is going to a wonderful school. They are doing exactly the kinds of things that any parent wants their children to be doing. I am really happy for them.

But I am really going to miss them. This is a bittersweet transition for me. Our daughters are terrific people. I am blessed to consider them friends, as well as relatives. I value the time we have together, and I love their outlooks on life. Being their father has been one of the greatest rewards of my life.
When I first started working in my career field, I met a fellow from Sweden who used to say “there is no substitute for contacts of a personal nature”. What he meant was that there is nothing like face to face contact.
He was right. I get so much more out of face to face contact than I do by speaking with someone on the telephone, or chatting by text.
I have been a father since 1995. It has been a privilege to be a father, and to participate in the lives of my girls.
The fact that they are moving does not mean that I am any less of a father.

But it might mean that I get to be a father less.

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