A Life Worth Living

A friend recently mentioned that she keeps a “Life Worth Living” list. She explained that she keeps a list of things in her life that make her life worth living. The reason she does it is so that she has a list of the things in her life that are good and worthwhile. She goes back to the list from time to time, to make sure that she is doing the things on her list that make her life worth living.

Her list isn’t a list of “things I like to do”, or “things that are pleasurable”, although both of those are on her list. Her list is a list of “what gives my life meaning and purpose?”
What makes my life worth living? What follows is a very quick list. I haven’t given this a lot of thought, so if there is something obvious missing from this, I will go back and add it…..

1) Family Time- I love our family Sunday night dinners, our drives and walks together, and crossword puzzle time.
2) Meditation and prayer- I need time to reflect and refresh.
3) Exercise- I love to work out. I feel much better after I’ve completed a rigorous workout.
4) Work time- I love my work. The people that I work with are doing really important work. They are trying to find cures for some rare types of cancers. It is an honor to work with them.
5) Writing- I love to write. If I could write for a living, I would. I wouldn’t mind having two full-time jobs at the same time!
6) Service time-I am on the Board of Directors of three non-profits. I read a blog by someone recently who said that his greatest joy in life was to be of service to others.
7) Beach time-I love the beach, I love the ocean. I also love crossword puzzle time with Theresa, and walks with my family, and taking Darwin to the park. Visits with my father and my in-laws, Eagles games and rock concerts with friends…all of this is “beach time”.

I’m curious to hear what is on your list.




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