I’m Voting

Tomorrow is the primary election day in the state of Pennsylvania.

A few facts about our election system:

There are currently 319 million people living in the United States.  As of 2012 (the last presidential election), 235 million people were eligible to vote (they were over the age of 18, and were citizens of the U.S.)  Of those, 129 million people voted in the 2012 presidential election.  In other words, 54.9% of the eligible voters actually voted. Of those, the victor (President Obama) received about 65 million votes.

That means that for every 100 people living in the U.S., only 20 voted for the President.


There are about 12.5 million people living in Pennsylvania.  In 2012, there were 8.5 million registered voters in Pennsylvania.  In 2012, only 20% of eligible voters voted in the Pennsylvania primary election.  That means about 1.7 million people voted in the 2012 Pennsylvania primary election- 1.7 million voters.

Half of that about 850,000 people) would form a majority of voters.  In a state of 12.5 million people.

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Let’s put that in perspective.  Imagine a group of 125 people who are trying to make a decision.  17 take part in a vote.  9 vote for the winning side.

That decision represents the will of 125 people.


It is ridiculous that 9 people are allowed to decide what happens to 125 people.  But since I have a choice, I am going to be one of those 9 people tomorrow.

I don’t understand why some people are not registered to vote.  I also don’t understand why some people are registered to vote, and don’t vote.

I’m voting tomorrow.



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