The Duck Pond

Glenn Avenue is a  4 block winding country road in Paoli Pennsylvania.  It is bordered on one end by Berwyn-Paoli Road, and on the other end by Route 30.  There are a few homes set back from Glenn Avenue, and one small apartment complex.  It is mainly used as a convenient short-cut for locals going to and from the local YMCA or the train station on the other side of route 30.

There is a duck pond on Glenn Avenue.  My parents used to take Heather there when Heather was a baby.  They would load up the stroller with Heather and a loaf of bread for the ducks. They went to the duck pond many times.  There are some well fed ducks at that duck pond.  In the satellite image below (thank you Google Maps), the duck pond is just to the right of Glenn Avenue, near the top.



Nothing ever happens on Glenn Avenue.  In its 50 year history, a couple of homes have been built, some cars drive by, and some ducks get fed.  It is not an exciting place, and it isn’t an exciting thing to write about most of the time.

On Friday October 2, 2015, two brothers, ages 54 and 52, were driving on Glenn Avenue at about 4:30 p.m.  According to police reports, their car was going quickly, and then flipped and rolled.  The car landed upside down in the duck pond.  Both of the brothers died in the accident.  The cause of death was listed as “fresh water drowning”.    The duck pond is shallow.  It can’t be more than 40 or 50 feet across, and a couple of feet deep.  How do two people drown in such a shallow pond?

A memorial popped up on the site.  People have been leaving mums and pumpkins as a memorial to the two men.


This week, toxicology results were released.  The driver of the car was reported to have a blood alcohol level of 0.398.  The level for drunk driving in Pennsylvania is 0.08.  So the driver’s blood alcohol level was almost 5 times the legal limit.

Every time I pass the duck pond, I will think about that.



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