An Attitude of Gratitude

On Sunday I was doing something I don’t really enjoy very much (that would be weeding).  I had some time to reflect while I was weeding, and I started thinking about “Doing Things I Don’t Like To Do”.

I guess everyone has things that they don’t enjoy doing.  For me, the list includes going to the dentist, weeding, food shopping, waiting in long lines and shoveling snow.

I started thinking about how other people do the things they don’t want to do.  Previously, I wrote about my role models.  My role models don’t complain much.  They do things in a way that looks really attractive.

What makes them role models is not only WHAT they do.  It is HOW they do what they do that makes them so attractive.

My role models all love to work.  And I mean they LOVE to work.  One of them has been caught singing at work several times.  He sings at work because he loves what he does for a living.  People walk by his office and notice how much fun he has at work.

My role models find the bright spot in places where I can’t see the bright spot.  One of my role models counsels me about my attitude regarding taxes.  He says “Be grateful that you pay a lot of taxes.  It means you make a lot of money.  It also means that you support things that are important to you, like good schools, first responders, safe streets, etc.”

My role models make other people feel better about themselves.  I watch them at work, and at play, and they always look for the good in other people.  I always feel better about myself after I spend time with them.

What these people all share is an Attitude of Gratitude.  They are grateful for everything that they have.

How did they get that way?


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