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  • Best Friends

    Last night I was talking to someone about Theresa, and I said “I married my best friend”.  The person I was talking to noted that she had never heard anyone say that before. *****About a week ago, I learned that someone I know in my profession lost her husband.  This woman and her husband had […]

  • Jester

    My future in-laws had a dog named Heidi in the 1970s.  From what I’ve heard, Heidi was a great dog.  She was a beautiful German Shepherd.  Smart, loyal, and well-behaved.  She had diabetes, and required insulin injections every day.  My in-laws took care of her faithfully, and she took care of them. Heidi had a […]

  • Can Openers

    Every family has someone who is not as smart, not as accomplished, not as well educated…  Someone who never reached their full potential, for whatever reason.  The person in the family who makes other people roll their eyes. Unfortunately, in my family, that person is me. —– I promise that everything that follows is completely […]