Category: Perspective

  • Civility

    I have the opportunity to travel to a faraway place for work.  I go there a lot.  When I land there, I arrive in a city of 25 million people.  It is a big city. I have been there 10 times so far.  I have spent about 2-3 months of my life in this city. […]

  • The Cathedral of Rouen

    I had a 12th grade English teacher, who loved Shakespeare.  He tried to introduce us to all things Shakespeare.  At the time, all that I could handle was the Cliff Notes version.  So I didn’t absorb very much. But one thing that I do remember, is that he highlighted the role of Shakespeare’s Fool.  (This […]

  • Mother Nature

    When I was in school, I remember learning about Weather.  We did experiments on condensation, precipitation, and evaporation.  None of it made an impact. Today, I am looking out my window, and the snow is starting.  This is supposed to be a big one.  Some forecasters are even capitalizing it:  a Big One. There are […]